Nicole and Brad’s end of summer wedding

On 8/24/18 i was able to shoot the wonderful marriage of Nikki Walker and Brad. The ceremony was short and sweet and filled with tons of joy. Family and friends in the amount where everyone knew everyone. The theme was beautiful it tied an end of summer wedding all together. I wish you two a very beautiful life together with your family!

Included is some of my favorites but follow the link to the full album of 182 photos to see them all!


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Matthew LeTourneau charity hockey game

The Philadelphia Fire Department played the Tri-County Police Hockey Club in an action packed game. The two teams made of firefighters and polices played in honor of matt. Many who knew him and worked along side him just wanted this to be a good time to honor him. The event raised more than 4,000 dollars to go towards a scholarship fund in honor of matt! You can read the entire article of the event here;

Check out the entire album Here;

The Philadelphia Fire Department played the Tri-County Police Hockey Club in an action packed game. The two teams made…

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Incline club final session

On 12/30/17 Incline club closed the doors due to building changes. I took the 2 hour ride to Lakewood, New jersey to shoot this monumental last session. Take a look at the shots, tag your friends. GO check out Ride PA BMX for additional coverage and information on the event. Unfortunately My site media is down due to a glitch I am working to fix. follow the link below to see the photos!

On 12/30/17 Incline club closed the doors due to building changes. I took the 2 hour ride to Lakewood, New jersey to…

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Brett furman realty group customer appreciation event

Re/max Classic – Brett Furman Group​ contacted me to shoot a event they were hosting to show their customers they appreciate them and also to give back to Surrey Services for Seniors​. all the money raised went towards surrey which feed seniors for 4 dollars a meal. The event went great. The crowd was amazing and everyone had a blast! I’m extremely satisfied that I could make Brett and his team happy with my work. I hope to work in the future with Brett and his team on similar events.

Lisa and Matt ryan’s fall wedding

Around January Lisa Gentile contacted me from an ad i posted online and was pleasant to speak to from the begging. After a rocky start we got all the details figured out and fast forward to October and the day had finally come. From the start the family welcomed me in and adjusted to the camera very quickly, some even had made their own poses in front of it. The weather was beautiful but with beautiful weather also come uninvited guest. The busy uninvited guest buzzing around us constantly, catching a taste of the flowers and even catching a ride in lisa’s dress! On a plus note all though it was not the color scheme the black and yellow suits made them look great. As the day went on the excitement grew into a beautiful ceremony. The church was full of loving family and friends. The love was felt by all who witnessed this glorious occasion. We took very nice shots at the Paradocx Vineyard and we even ran into another bridal party. The reception was held at Revere Tavern. The food and company was great! The formal dances took place with a sincerity in the face of everyone. After the formal dances the drinks started flowing and by the end of the night they were still dancing till the music stopped. I wish the best to Lisa Gentile and Matt. Have a long happy marriage!



Victor Ariyo Photoshoot

Last week I had the pleasure to work with Victor Ariyo for his new album coming out which I must say has some heat to it. we did two shoots one in the afternoon and one at night with his sister coming along. It was a beautiful day for a shoot! These are some of my favorites but you can check out the entire gallery using the following link! Let me know which is your favorite!

Matt Blew backyard BMX and Skate Jam

On Saturday the 28th I traveled to Cape May, New Jersey for a small jam of skaters and BMX. His backyard setup was great, it was small but very nice. The start of the day was introduced by a newly found weak spot in the ramp but was quickly fixed. As riders started showing up hotdogs and burgers were thrown on the grill with some beer to wash it all down. Around dusk we started up the camp fire, turned on the lights and continued to ride. The fire was attempting to claim some attention that night as we had one person roll into it from bailing out of a trick and a few skateboards almost become firewood. All in all it was a great day of riding with the company of some great people.

Elizabeth and Craig’s Wedding Ceremony

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Craig and Elizabeth’s wedding ceremony. The day stated out lot so good looking but right before the ceremony the clouds lifted and gave way to sun. The park was very beautiful and scenic, a great place for any photo shoot. Their family and guest were very nice with a great sense of humor and delightfulness. We even had a few extra guest, geese who wouldn’t leave the area while the ceremony was going on.  The ceremony was short and sweet but by the expressions coming from everyone you could tell that short and sweet was all that was needed. This ceremony was a material moment for their love but you could tell their love for each other goes farther than a ceremony and rings, it was deep down to the bottom of their hearts. I really loved every bit of this day, thank you for the great time Liz and Craig. I wish you two the best of luck with the rest of your lives together. Thank you for the opportunity to capture these priceless moments.



Easter Shoot with “Jr”

This past weekend was Easter and I did a very cute shoot for Laura Kramer and her 3 year old son “Jr”. The shoot was a lot of fun, an Easter egg hunt was followed by eating candy then running into fresh mud and falling asleep soon after in the car. The sweetest moment is when he kept asking to see the photos on the screen of the camera. Every child photo shoot brings a new set of challenges, this one was hyperactivity. Constant movement makes for some  interesting images.  I really enjoyed this shoot!