Lisa and Matt ryan’s fall wedding

Around January Lisa Gentile contacted me from an ad i posted online and was pleasant to speak to from the begging. After a rocky start we got all the details figured out and fast forward to October and the day had finally come. From the start the family welcomed me in and adjusted to the camera very quickly, some even had made their own poses in front of it. The weather was beautiful but with beautiful weather also come uninvited guest. The busy uninvited guest buzzing around us constantly, catching a taste of the flowers and even catching a ride in lisa’s dress! On a plus note all though it was not the color scheme the black and yellow suits made them look great. As the day went on the excitement grew into a beautiful ceremony. The church was full of loving family and friends. The love was felt by all who witnessed this glorious occasion. We took very nice shots at the Paradocx Vineyard and we even ran into another bridal party. The reception was held at Revere Tavern. The food and company was great! The formal dances took place with a sincerity in the face of everyone. After the formal dances the drinks started flowing and by the end of the night they were still dancing till the music stopped. I wish the best to Lisa Gentile and Matt. Have a long happy marriage!



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