Pearson book publication 

In September one of my professors approached me about participating in a project my school, Delaware county community college was working on. The English department was creating a custom English book for their courses and was looking for a piece of art to place on the cover that describes the school. I shot photos of the school, edited them and sent them in. A few weeks later I heard back from the lead person in charge and was told I got the cover. I received my copy of the book yesterday and couldn’t be more happier. So here it is “Water Reflection” 

Matt Blew backyard BMX and Skate Jam

On Saturday the 28th I traveled to Cape May, New Jersey for a small jam of skaters and BMX. His backyard setup was great, it was small but very nice. The start of the day was introduced by a newly found weak spot in the ramp but was quickly fixed. As riders started showing up hotdogs and burgers were thrown on the grill with some beer to wash it all down. Around dusk we started up the camp fire, turned on the lights and continued to ride. The fire was attempting to claim some attention that night as we had one person roll into it from bailing out of a trick and a few skateboards almost become firewood. All in all it was a great day of riding with the company of some great people.