Elizabeth and Craig’s Wedding Ceremony

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Craig and Elizabeth’s wedding ceremony. The day stated out lot so good looking but right before the ceremony the clouds lifted and gave way to sun. The park was very beautiful and scenic, a great place for any photo shoot. Their family and guest were very nice with a great sense of humor and delightfulness. We even had a few extra guest, geese who wouldn’t leave the area while the ceremony was going on.  The ceremony was short and sweet but by the expressions coming from everyone you could tell that short and sweet was all that was needed. This ceremony was a material moment for their love but you could tell their love for each other goes farther than a ceremony and rings, it was deep down to the bottom of their hearts. I really loved every bit of this day, thank you for the great time Liz and Craig. I wish you two the best of luck with the rest of your lives together. Thank you for the opportunity to capture these priceless moments.



Easter Shoot with “Jr”

This past weekend was Easter and I did a very cute shoot for Laura Kramer and her 3 year old son “Jr”. The shoot was a lot of fun, an Easter egg hunt was followed by eating candy then running into fresh mud and falling asleep soon after in the car. The sweetest moment is when he kept asking to see the photos on the screen of the camera. Every child photo shoot brings a new set of challenges, this one was hyperactivity. Constant movement makes for some  interesting images.  I really enjoyed this shoot!